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Automating Dispatch & Escalations with Webhooks

Rocketship supports fully automated dispatch & escalations using our escalation rule “Automatic Evaluation” policies. An automatic evaluation is where an escalation rule will trigger without user intervention. This is accomplished using webhooks.

Triggering Automatic Evaluation

This is the logic of automatic evaluation:

  1. You setup a webhook in Autotask to call Rocketship when any ticket is created/edited.
  2. Rocketship receives the webhook call.
  3. Rocketship activates any Escalation Rule with Automatic Evaluation enabled.
  4. Rocketship performs the normal Escalation Rule competition to determine which, if any, will win and execute.

Automatic Evaluation Requires Additional Rule Configuration

There are a few important considerations here:

  • Rocketship will not trigger Escalation Rules unless you enable this feature in each relevant Escalation Rule. It is NOT enabled by default.
  • Each Escalation Rule requires a “When Status Changes To..” for this feature, meaning it applies only to specific Ticket Status changes.
  • Rocketship will not log any errors to tickets if an Escalation Rule is not found. This differs from when a user manually triggers an Escalation.

Configuring Automatic Evaluation

Let’s configure Automatic Evaluation. We’ll do it with our Default Rule so that all tickets coming out of triage that aren’t handled by a custom Escalation Rule are automatically assigned and scheduled to our Tier 1.

  1. Configure the webhook by following KB Create Autotask Ticket Callout Webhook.
  2. Enable Automatic Evaluation in each relevant Escalation Rule.
  3. Test your changes.


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