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Autotask vs Custom Teams

In Rocketship, our dispatch & escalation engine uses tiers composed of “Teams”.

Understanding a Rocketship Team

A Team is a group of users that all share an Autotask Role. For example, you may have a Team called “Level 1 Helpdesk” that has several Autotask users, all of whom share the Autotask Role “Level 1 Billing Role”.

All Teams are composed of a shared Autotask Role and 0 or more users. Each user corresponds to an Autotask Resource.

Using Rocketship’s Autotask and Custom Teams

The dispatch & escalation engine does not differentiate between a Rocketship Autotask Team and a Rocketship Custom Team. That means you can use Rocketship’s Autotask Teams anywhere you would a Custom Team, e.g., as a tier in an escalation rule.

Updating Rocketship’s Autotask Teams

We automatically build and manage Autotask Teams for you in Rocketship, while you can create Custom Teams manually. Most Rocketship users actually utilize Custom Teams more than Autotask Teams, even though we automatically manage the Autotask Teams for you. That’s because you may want to carve out sub-groups of users, even if they share an Autotask Role.

Frequency of Autotask Team Updates

Note, Autotask does not have a mechanism to instantly notify us of changes to your Roles, Resources, or Resource/Role relationships. Instead, we poll Autotask for this information. That means we may not immediately see updates in Autotask. You can refer to our KB to understand how often we update this information.

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