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_Triggers vs Outbound Webhooks

Rocketship uses incoming and outgoing webhooks to communicate with 3rd party applications. To make things clear, we change the vocabulary we use to indicate the direction of information.

  • Outbound Webhook. An Outbound Webhook is where activity originates inside of Rocketship and we send a message (via a webhook) to the 3rd party application. That is, it goes FROM Rocketship TO the 3rd party.
  • Trigger. A Trigger is where activity originates in the 3rd party application and they send us a message (via a webhook). Here, the data goes FROM the 3rd party TO Rocketship.

An example of an Outbound Webhook is when Rocketship sends a message to MS Teams that the Escalation Engine dispatched a ticket.

An example of a Trigger is when an AutotaskTicket Callout informs us that a ticket has changed inside Autotask.

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