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Outbound Webhook: Example – Escalation Failed

In this example, we’ll create the webhook that will send Integromat Make a message when an Escalation fails. This message can then be routed via no-code to you via email, to MS Teams, etc.

Setup the Webhook Sender and Receiver

  1. Create your listener in Integromat (the receiver) so that it is waiting for a webhook call
  2. Create a new webhook named “Integromat Notification” in Rocketship (the sender)
  3. For the URL, set that to the Integromat webhook you created
  4. For the POST data field define it as shown below and then click Save.

"processName": "{{}}",
"processType": "{{process.type}}",
"processStatus": "{{process.status}}",
"processMessage": "{{process.message}}",
"requestBy": "{{requestByResource.userName}}",
"requestByFirstName": "{{requestByResource.firstName}}",
"requestByLastName": "{{requestByResource.lastName}}",
"requestByEmail": "{{}}",
"requestByEmail2": "{{requestByResource.email2}}",
"requestByOfficePhone": "{{requestByResource.officePhone}}",
"fromResource": "{{fromResource.userName}}",
"toResource": "{{toResource.userName}}",
"ticket": "{{ticket.ticketNumber}}"

Great! We’ve defined our webhook. Feel free to click the Test Webhook button. It will send the content to your Integromat instance.

Update Rocketship Workflow

Next, let’s update our “Ticket – Needs Help” workflow, which is triggered when Rocketship encounters an issue (e.g., an escalation fails). Edit the Workflow and set Webhook On Success to the new Rocketship Workflow you just created. We update the Webhook on Success because the Workflow triggering will be successful, even though it was called by a failing escalation rule.

Now, force a test of this by escalating a ticket to the last tier and then escalated it again. The webhook should then trigger and send a message to Integromat. In our example, we get this:

"processName": "EscalationEngine",
"processType": "EscalationRule",
"processStatus": "Fail",
"processMessage": "Default (ef949061cac011ed8fc800155dc8c8fb)",
"requestBy": "ppierce",
"requestByFirstName": "Dustin",
"requestByLastName": "Test",
"requestByEmail": "[email protected]",
"requestByEmail2": "",
"requestByOfficePhone": "",
"fromResource": "jmoore",
"toResource": "",
"ticket": "T20230403.0001"

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