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Escalations vs Scheduling

When using Rocketship, it’s important to be clear that Rocketship can take two actions on a ticket: escalations (ticket routing) and/or work scheduling. It may take one, the other, both, or neither.

Let’s work through the scenarios. Note that we have a short video embedded in this KB to assist in the walk-through.

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Escalations (Ticket Routing) Only

You have a Ticket Routing rule ‘Default’ that has 3 tiers assigned. The first tier is named “Tier 1” and as no “Next Activity Recipe” assigned to it. You open a new ticket and click “Dispatch.” Rocketship will route the ticket to the 1st Tier in the Default rule and assign it to the first free resource in that tier. Since no “Next Activity Recipe” has been assigned to Tier 1 in that Ticket Routing rule, it will assign the ticket but not schedule work.


You have a ticket open. You click “+ Next Activity” and choose a 1 hour block. Rocketship will schedule the work for the assigned resource, but it will not route/escalate the ticket.

Escalations + Scheduling

As with Escalations above, you have a Escalation Rule rule ‘Default’ that has 3 tiers assigned. The first tier is named “Tier 1” and, this time, it has a 2 hour block of time assigned to it. Now, when you click Dispatch on a ticket with no resource, Rocketship will assign the ticket and then schedule work.

Why not always schedule work?

There are times you do not want Rocketship to automatically schedule work. For example, let’s say your last tier in your Ticket Routing rule is your service manager. You want the service manager to be the “last stop” for any escalation path, but you don’t want to automatically book time for the service manager to work the ticket — you simply want them to own the ticket. In scenarios like this, Rocketship should not schedule time once it hits the service manager tier. To implement that logic, you selectively define which Next Activity recipes are used for each tier, including choosing no Next Activity recipe.

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