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Edit of Assigned Teams for Ticket Escalation Rule due to Duplicate Resource

When assigning Teams to a Ticket Routing Rule, you may sometimes see that the resource/team will be unavailable if you add the same resource for an escalation rule.

Currently, we do not support you adding the same Resource to a Ticket Escalation Rule multiple times.


The reason we don’t support this is that the Ticket Escalation module will not know how to properly escalate a ticket if the same Resource is assigned multiple times. Here is an example of why:

Let’s say you have a Ticket Routing “Backup Errors.” You have these Teams/Resources:

  1. NOC Triage Team [bob, sue]
  2. NOC Tier 1 [sam]
  3. NOC Tier 2 [phil]

If Bob escalates the ticket, the Ticket Escalation module will see that Bob is in the 1st escalation Team for that Rule and so will escalate to the next Team up, which would be NOC Tier 1.

Now, let’s say instead we have this configuration:

  1. NOC Triage Team [bob, sue]
  2. NOC Tier 1 [bob, sam]
  3. NOC Tier 2 [phil]

Notice that Bob is in both NOC Triage Team and NOC Tier 1. So if Bob escalates the ticket, where should it go? Should it go from NOC Triage Team to NOC Tier 1 or should it go from NOC Tier 1 to NOC Tier 2?

As there is no way (current) method for the Ticket Routing module to know your intent here, we do not allow this configuration.

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