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Optimizing Autotask Configuration for Rocketship Integration

Rocketship is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing Autotask setup, thanks to its high configurability. However, to ensure optimal performance during the Onboarding Wizard, you’ll need to provide specific settings.

Here are the key configurations for Autotask to use with the Rocketship Onboarding Wizard:

Ticket Statuses

  • In Progress: Rocketship will set a ticket to this status when a technician starts working on it via the Rocketship Workboard.
  • Need Help: This status is set when an issue arises, such as a requested escalation with no available assignee.
  • Scheduled Remote: Assigned when Rocketship schedules a phone call.
  • Scheduled Onsite: Assigned when Rocketship schedules an onsite visit.
  • Scheduled Flex: Set when Rocketship dynamically schedules a ticket based on SLA and priority.
  • Escalated: Set when a ticket is dispatched/escalated but before actual work is scheduled.

Ticket Queues

You can manage your Autotask queues as desired. However, Rocketship can simplify your queue configuration by tracking Tiers/Levels. Most MSPs manually track the assigned Tier using a queue, but Rocketship eliminates this need.

By following these best practices, you can ensure a smooth integration and efficient operation of Rocketship with your Autotask system.

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