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Setup MS Exchange Appointments

Rocketship fully supports external appointments as part of its scheduling logic. In this KB, we’ll walk you through how to properly support this.

First, let’s define vocabulary: In Rocketship, an “external appointment” is an appointment not generated by Rocketship or Autotask. Generally, this will mean calendar events imported by Autotask via its Exchange Connector. Most Autotask sites have this feature enabled.

Rocketship has two types of appointments it will create, Fixed Appointments and Next Activities. Fixed Appointments will generate email invites that update calendars, while Next Activities do not. The best configuration to support integration with Rocketship/Autotask/Exchange is the following.

Note that this configuration is found in Autotask under Admin->Extensions & Integrations->Microsoft Extensions->MS Exchange.

  1. Open the MS Exchange extension in Autotask.
  2. Click the Synchronization tab
  3. Export Autotask Items to Exchange
    1. Enable:
      1. Allow Appointments
      2. Allow Contacts (optional, depending on your site)
      3. Allow To-Dos (optional, depending on your site)
    2. Disable:
      1. Allow Service Calls (this is handled by Rocketship)
  4. Import Exchange Items to Autotask
    1. Appointments with ALL detail information
  5. Click Save
Autotask MS Exchange Configuration for Rocketship
Autotask MS Exchange Configuration for Rocketship


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