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Combining Ticket Routing & Work Scheduling for One-Click Dispatch

When you set up ticket routing in Rocketship it will decide which Autotask resource will be assigned whenever a ticket is dispatched or escalated. On the other hand, Rocketship’s scheduler will look at an employee’s workload, calendar, time zone, holidays, PTO, etc., and will then use priority and SLA to schedule the work. You can combine these two actions into a one-click dispatch.

By default when you dispatch a ticket it’s going to assign it to a resource but not actually schedule work. The resource still has to make the effort of prioritizing the ticket and determining when they are going to work on it. When we combine the two we get rid of that extra step by letting the ticket routing engine also schedule them.

This process can be done in a very customizable way by following these steps:

  • Navigate to Rocketship Admin>Ticket Routing>Routing Rules
  • Create or modify an Escalation Recipe>Workflow by adding a Fixed Appointment Recipe.

As this example shows a ticket routing rule has been edited to include tier workflow escalation actions organized by the order of priority and Autotask team that will perform the work as well as the designated block of time to be scheduled:

Combining Ticket Routing Work Scheduling for One Click Dispatch › Giant Rocketship | Autotask

Now when escalating a ticket, the Rocketship engine will assign work scheduling based on the ticket routing tiers for escalation and their associated time allocations.


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