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Defining the Escalation Path in Ticket Escalation Rules

Every Ticket Routing Rule has an Escalation Path. The Escalation Path defines the order that Rocketship will escalate a ticket. Let’s take an example:

For HelpDesk tickets, you want this order:

  1. IT: Tech 1 Team. This is your Level 1 helpdesk and they get all new tickets.
  2. IT: Tech II Team. This is your Level 2 helpdesk and they only get tickets that Level 1 can’t resolve.
  3. IT: Service Manager Team. This is your service manager and she only gets tickets that your Level 2 can’t resolve.

In an Ticket Routing Rule:

  1. Click on Edit Ticket Routing Rule in the Escalation Path window
  2. Drag & Drop the teams in the Visual Editor box — this is an ordered list, so you can move them up/down as needed
  3. Click Save Changes

Once done, you’ll see the Escalation Path has been updated in the Ticket Routing Rule:

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