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Why Autotask Roles are Necessary and How to Fix Users without Roles

In this KB, we describe why we don’t support users with no Autotask Roles and how to fix it.

Autotask Role Requirement

Because Autotask includes a billing module, it requires that you assign a Role to a Resource when they Resource is added to a Ticket or Task. This is how Autotask knows how to properly bill the work of that Resource. Because of this, Rocketship also requires that Rocketship users have an Autotask Role with their linked Autotask Resource.

How to Fix Users without Autotask Roles

To resolve an issue where you can’t use a Rocketship user, you need to add at least one active Autotask Role to their Autotask Resource. This is done in the Autotask user management screen.

Once done, you can wait for the daily Resource/Role sync from Rocketship, or you can force an early sync specific to Resource/Roles. Refer to the following KB for more details.

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