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Updating Autotask Ticket and Task User-Defined Fields (UDFs) via Rocketship Workflow Engine

This knowledge base article provides a comprehensive guide on how to update Autotask Ticket and Task User-Defined Fields (UDFs) using the Rocketship workflow engine. It’s essential to note that this update process is limited to modifying single-select UDFs for Autotask Tickets or Tasks. While this limitation may not significantly impact most scenarios, it’s crucial to be aware of its presence.

Updating Ticket or Task UDFs

To update a UDF for a Ticket or Task using the Rocketship workflow engine, follow these steps:

  1. Edit Workflow Rule: Modify the target Rocketship workflow rule that needs to update the UDF.
  2. Set UDF Picklist Field: Within the workflow rule settings, specify the UDF Picklist Field that you intend to update.
  3. Define UDF Picklist Value: Set the desired value for the UDF Picklist Field to reflect the necessary update.

For visual clarity, refer to the screenshot below, which demonstrates updating a Ticket UDF through a Rocketship workflow.

Setting a Ticket UDF value via the Tickets tab in the Rocketship workflow editor.

Use Cases

Utilizing the Rocketship workflow engine to update Autotask Ticket and Task UDFs offers various use cases, including but not limited to:

  1. Flagging Escalation or Scheduling: If you need to indicate that a ticket has been escalated or scheduled at least once, updating a UDF can serve as a flag for this status.
  2. Tracking Escalation Tiers: Updating a UDF to display the highest escalation tier a ticket reached helps in monitoring the severity and handling of support requests.
  3. Autotask Workflow Trigger: By updating a UDF after a Rocketship action, you can trigger an Autotask Workflow, enabling automated follow-up processes based on specific criteria.


The Rocketship workflow engine provides a streamlined method for updating Autotask Ticket and Task UDFs. While the restriction of single-select UDF updates exists, this limitation is generally manageable for most scenarios. By following the outlined steps and considering the use cases presented, users can effectively harness the power of UDF updates to enhance their Autotask workflow automation.

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