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Understanding Why Rocketship Flagged an Abandoned Ticket

Rocketship has a feature “TicketGuard” that will review and identity “abandoned” tickets. An abandoned ticket is any ticket where the ticket is in an “active/being worked” state but has no activity scheduled. These are high risk tickets in that they are the most prone to missing SLAs.

When you work a ticket, there are only four outcomes:

  • You complete a ticket because it is resolved.
  • You escalate a ticket because you hit an impasse and need assistance.
  • You schedule the ticket for future work.
  • You set the ticket into a waiting status (e.g., Waiting Parts, Waiting Customer).

If one of these does not happen, the ticket is no longer on track toward resolution. Tickets that aren’t in one of these states are labeled as “abandoned” tickets and set into a Ticket Status indicating review by the tech or service manager is needed.

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