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Understanding Actions on the Rocketship WorkBoard

Every event on the Rocketship workboard provides actions to the technical resource that owns the event. Each action is tied to a Workflow that is configured by the sysadmin to drive behavior of tickets and tasks within Autotask and Rocketship.

Accept/Decline in the Pending Accept State

Some sites have Pending Accept configured. When Pending Accept is enabled, new work events are sent to the Pending Accept zone on a technical resource’s workboard. The resource can then accept or decline the event.

  • Accept. Moves the event to either the Fixed Appointments or Next Activities zone on the WorkBoard; additionally, initiates the Resource Clicked Accept Workflow.
  • Decline. Removes the event from the WorkBoard; initiates the Resource Declined Event Workflow. Most sites have this Workflow configured to update the ticket status to a “need help” type status, e.g., “Needs Scheduling.”


Once in the Fixed Appointments and Next Activities zones, a work event can be started, completed, or cancelled.

  • Start. Initiates the Resource Started Event Workflow; adds the event to the notification panel for easy access.
  • Complete. Initiates the Resource Completed Event Workflow; removes the event from the WorkBoard; removes the event from the notification panel.
  • Cancel. Initiates the Resource Cancelled Event Workflow; removes the event from the WorkBoard. Most sites have this Workflow configured to perform the same action as a Decline.

More Detail on the Decline/Cancel Actions

When one of these actions is chosen, Rocketship will collect a reason why the action is being performed from event owner. This data can be used by service managers and dispatchers to better understand, and improve, ticket routing and scheduling. Additionally, most sites will have the relevant Workflows configured to send the ticket into a “help” state, e.g., “Needs Scheduling”, “Idle”. This allows service managers, dispatchers, or the technical resource to easily see that more activity needs to happen. For example, if the technical resource is overloaded with work, they would escalate escalate the ticket at this point.


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