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Troubleshooting API Throttling

This KB describes what API Throttling is and how to troubleshoot it.

What is API Throttling

If you get an email from Rocketship, or on-screen alert, that your API connection is being throttled, that means that Rocketship has detected that you may soon go over the API hourly cap that Autotask places on its API usage. When this happens, Rocketship will “throttle” back its access to your Autotask account for several minutes to reduce the chance of other API solutions (e.g., your RMM) you use from failing.

What is My Autotask API Cap?

Autotask provides up to 10,000 API hits/hour.

How to Determine the Cause

To determine what is causing excessive API utilization, you need to review the “API Activity by Hour” report inside Autotask. (You can learn how to do this via our KB on the topic.) The report will show each API User in your Autotask as a column, with an hourly API usage count as a series of rows. You should identify the largest consumer of your Autotask API to narrow down potential offenders.

In the screenshot below, note that there are three applications using the Autotask API connection that are taking the “top spot” for API utilization. They are Acronis Cyber Cloud with 9k, Brightguage with 29k, and Rocketship with 30k. This would mean you should focus your attention on Brightguage and Rocketship for this specific example.

Example API Activity Report with three applications listed.
Example API Activity Report with three applications listed

Need More Help?

If the offender is Giant Rocketship’s application, notify us and we’ll work with you to reduce our utilization. If you do want us to assist, please provide the API Activity report as a CSV for the current day and at least 3 previous days.

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