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Popout Button Fails in Firefox

You may find that the “popout” button in the Rocketship Workboard and Rocketship/CMD (i.e., the Ticket Insight widget) fails. You will know it has failed because the popout screen is blank with no errors.

This is caused by a Firefox security setting. Because Rocketship works within an iframe inside of Autotask, when we set a cookie it is a “3rd party cookie.” By default, Firefox may block this 3rd party cookie. You need to enable support for the 3rd party cookie for your Rocketship login to carry from an Autotask iframe into a full session when you click “popout”. This is done by disabling “Enhanced Tracking Protection” for Autotask. You do not need to disable it globally.

To enable support in Firefox specific to Rocketship, follow these steps:

  1. Open Autotask in Firefox
  2. Click on the “shield icon” in the Address Bar on the left
  3. Set “Enhanced Tracking Protection” to OFF (this impacts only the Autotask site)
  4. Refresh the entire tab

Now, you should be able to use the Rocketship popout button in both the Rocketship Workboard and Rocketship/CMD.

Accessing the "Enhanced Tracking Protection" feature in Firefox.
Accessing the Enhanced Tracking Protection feature in Firefox

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