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How long does it take for Rocketship to show imported Service Calls?

Rocketship supports creates/updates/deletes of Service Calls by 3rd party software. This KB describe that interaction.

How We Find 3rd Party Service Calls

Service Calls creates/updates/deletes can come from one of three places:

  • Rocketship
  • Autotask users
  • 3rd party software

When Rocketship creates or updates a Fixed Appointment or Next Activity, it creates a linked Service Call. Thus, we instantly know of the Service Call.

When an Autotask User or 3rd party software creates/updates a Service Call we will not instantly know. That’s because Autotask does not provide any webhooks or other subscription API to be notified of Service Call changes. Because of this, Rocketship has to poll Autotask regularly to see if an Autotask user or 3rd party application has created/modified/deleted a Service Call.

Polling Frequency

Currently, Rocketship polls Autotask approximately every 30 minutes to determine if changes have been made to your Service Calls outside of Rocketship. You can see more information about our polling schedule via this KB.

Customizing the Import Process

As with much of Rocketship, you can customize what Rocketship does when it imports a non-Rocketship Service Call. This is done using the Process Imported Service Call workflow. (Refer to this KB to learn more.)

In reality however, note that we will not know where an imported Service Call was generated. For example, Autotask does not provide information on whether a Service Call was created by Rocketship, an Autotask user, TimeZest, or any other tool. Because of that, always be mindful of your assumptions if you choose to modify the Import workflow.

As a side note, you may find the following KB helpful if you are using TimeZest or related Calendar Booking solutions alongside Rocketship.

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