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Understanding the Vocabulary: ConnectWise Manage vs. Autotask PSA

Understanding the Vocabulary: ConnectWise Manage vs. Autotask PSA

Transitioning from ConnectWise Manage to Autotask PSA involves more than just moving data; it requires adapting to a new vocabulary. Each platform has its own terminology, and understanding these differences is crucial for a smooth transition. This guide will help you familiarize yourself with the key vocabulary changes you’ll encounter when migrating from ConnectWise Manage to Autotask PSA.

1. Tickets and Service Management

ConnectWise Manage: Board

  • Autotask PSA: Queue
  • In ConnectWise Manage, a “Board” is a container for tickets, organizing them based on different service areas or types of work. In Autotask PSA, this concept is referred to as a “Queue.” Queues help categorize and manage tickets based on specific criteria, ensuring efficient ticket handling and resolution.

ConnectWise Manage: Ticket

  • Autotask PSA: Ticket
  • Both ConnectWise Manage and Autotask PSA use the term “Ticket” to refer to individual service requests or issues reported by clients. Tickets are the fundamental units of work in both systems.

2. Configuration Items and Assets

ConnectWise Manage: Configuration Item (CI)

  • Autotask PSA: Asset
  • In ConnectWise Manage, “Configuration Items” (CIs) represent the various components of a client’s IT environment, such as hardware, software, and network devices. Autotask PSA uses the term “Asset” for the same concept, tracking and managing clients’ IT assets comprehensively.

3. Client Management

ConnectWise Manage: Company

  • Autotask PSA: Account
  • The term “Company” in ConnectWise Manage refers to your clients’ businesses or organizations. Autotask PSA uses the term “Account” to represent the same entity. Both terms encompass all the information related to a client, including contacts, tickets, and billing details.

ConnectWise Manage: Contact

  • Autotask PSA: Contact
  • Both platforms use the term “Contact” to refer to individuals associated with a client company or account. Contacts are essential for communication and managing relationships with clients.

4. Billing and Finance

ConnectWise Manage: Agreement

  • Autotask PSA: Contract
  • In ConnectWise Manage, an “Agreement” outlines the terms and conditions of the services provided to a client, including billing and service level agreements (SLAs). Autotask PSA uses the term “Contract” for the same purpose, defining the scope, pricing, and SLAs for services rendered.

ConnectWise Manage: Invoice

  • Autotask PSA: Invoice
  • Both systems use the term “Invoice” to refer to the bills sent to clients for services provided. Invoices detail the charges for work completed, including labor, materials, and other expenses.

5. Project Management

ConnectWise Manage: Project

  • Autotask PSA: Project
  • The term “Project” is used in both ConnectWise Manage and Autotask PSA to refer to larger, time-bound initiatives that involve multiple tasks and resources. Projects are used to plan, execute, and track complex work that goes beyond standard ticketing.

ConnectWise Manage: Phase

  • Autotask PSA: Phase
  • In ConnectWise Manage, a “Phase” represents a segment of a project, breaking down the work into manageable parts. Autotask PSA also uses the term “Phase” for this concept, allowing projects to be divided into specific actions or steps.

6. Workflow and Automation

ConnectWise Manage: Workflow Rule

  • Autotask PSA: Workflow Rule
  • Both systems use the term “Workflow Rule” to describe automated processes that manage how tickets or tasks move through the system based on predefined criteria. Workflow rules help streamline operations and ensure consistency in service delivery.

ConnectWise Manage: Escalation

  • Autotask PSA: Escalation
  • “Escalation” in both platforms refers to the process of raising the priority of a ticket or task based on specific conditions, such as elapsed time or SLA breaches. Escalations ensure that critical issues receive timely attention.


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