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How to adjust Autotask Roles on an Autotask Ticket

Have you ever encountered difficulties changing your Role on an Autotask ticket? If so, you’re not alone. Many Autotask users face this issue, which is why I’ve decided to compile a comprehensive blog post addressing the reasons behind it and providing solutions.

In Autotask, it’s required that you associate every user (Resource) with a Role when performing billable work. The Role determines the billing rate, even if it’s set to $0 or “unbillable.” So let’s delve into the three main reasons why you may struggle to choose your preferred Role for a ticket or task, and explore how to resolve each issue.

You Already Used Another Role

If you’ve already added time to a ticket or task using a different Role for your Resource, Autotask doesn’t currently support using multiple Roles for a single Resource on the same ticket. To switch to another Role, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  1. Remove the time entries associated with the current Role.
  2. Update your Resource’s Role on the ticket.
  3. Add back the time entries.
  4. Include the new time entries using the desired Role.

By following these steps, you can change the Role associated with the ticket or task.

Ticket Category Restriction

Ticket categories in Autotask play a vital role in controlling the available Roles and work types for Resources assigned to a ticket. For instance, if you’re working on a NOC Backup Alert ticket, it wouldn’t be appropriate to add time as a HelpDesk Level 1 Resource. Instead, you should use the NOC Level 1 Role (this is just an example). Ticket categories offer precise control over the actions and visibility of Resources on tickets. If you’re unable to see the Role you want, it’s possible that the Autotask administrator has restricted its usage for that specific ticket category.

If you believe the Role should be available for your use, you can request your Autotask administrator to add it to the ticket category. Once added, you’ll be able to select it as one of the options.

Resource Missing Desired Role

Remember that every Resource in Autotask is associated with one or more Roles. If you’re unable to select the desired Role, it could be because your user account was not assigned that Role when it was initially set up in Autotask. To resolve this issue, reach out to your Autotask administrator and ask them to add the desired Role to your Resource’s configuration. Once the Role is added, you’ll be able to choose it when working on tickets or tasks.


In Autotask, Roles are essential for accurate billing and resource management. While it may initially seem confusing, understanding the reasons why you can’t change your Role on a ticket can help you overcome these challenges. Whether it’s due to using another Role, limitations imposed by ticket categories, or a lack of Role assignment for your Resource, the solutions provided in this blog post can assist you in resolving the issue. By working closely with your Autotask administrator and following the appropriate steps, you’ll gain greater control over your Role selection and optimize your workflow in Autotask.


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