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Updating Ticket Notifications

In order to update whether which recipient will receive notifications from Rocketship, you will need to update the Helpdesk email registered on your account. In order to do this you must go to:

  1. Go to Rocketship Admin -> Account
  2. Under the Profile tab -> HelpDesk Email

Update the email to the appropriate email address that needs to receive these notifications.

Alternatively, you can also customize how specific emails are sent based on a specific action in Rocketship.

  1. Login to Rocketship Admin
  2. Go to Scheduling -> Scheduling Home
  3. Click on Fixed Appointment Settings -> Calendar Invite -> Custom Calendar Invite Reply-To Email Address

Note: You cannot leave the ‘Reply-To address blank, if it does not have a value, it will take your ‘HelpDesk email by default’.

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