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Understanding Recurring Tickets

The Recurring Tickets engine is robust and scalable. To understand how it works, consider that:

Category is a way to group similar tickets, e.g., Account Management, NOC, Service Manager.

Ticket Template is a written process to be followed, whether daily, weekly, monthly, or annually. Every Ticket Template belongs to a Category.

Recurring Rule creates tickets using a Ticket Template. What’s special about Recurring Rules are that you can have multiple Rules for a single Ticket Template, they use our CRM Search and are not hard-coded to a specific company, and they create tickets the day-of.

It’s good practice to use the CRM Search “Self” while testing new Rules. That way the tickets are created against your own company.

Now that you understand how ‘Recurring Tickets’ work, it’s time to Create a Recurring Ticket! (Watch the full video in the link)

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