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Specifying Scheduling Alignment for Next Activities

When the Rocketship Next Activity Scheduler finds the best location for an activity, it can be instructed to align the service call on a time boundary (e.g., always on a 5-minute boundary). This is done via the Scheduling Alignment in Minutes setting.

To understand the need for this setting, imagine it is 9:13 AM. A support request comes in and a Next Activity is created. Assuming the resource is free, the activity will be scheduled for 9:13 AM. If the activity is 30 minutes, the next activity will be scheduled for 9:43 AM, and so on. With the Scheduling Alignment setting, you can specify the “alignment” to use. If Scheduling Alignment was set to 5 minutes, then in the above scenario the activities would instead be scheduled for 9:15 AM and 9:45 AM, respectively.

By default, Scheduling Alignment is configured for 5 minutes. To change this:

  1. Log into Rocketship Admin
  2. Go to Scheduling->Scheduling Home
  3. Click on Next Activity Settings
  4. Modify “Scheduling Alignment in Minutes” to meet your need
  5. Click Save

This change should be reflected almost immediately in all Rocketship calendars and within 1 hour in Autotask-side Service Calls.

View in Autotask Dispatch Calendar of Activities on 5-minute Boundaries
View in Autotask Dispatch Calendar of Activities on 5 minute Boundaries
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