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Rocketship widget is not visible in Autotask

There may be a few cases where you experience that the Rocketship widget is not showing in the ticket insights tab.
This can happen due to a number of reasons, we’d first want to check and verify that your settings are correct.

Window Screen Size

Check if you have the Autotask ticket pop-up ‘windowed’, this is usually one of the reasons why users don’t see the widget as it’s only available in full screen/larger window. Please refer to this KB article.

Inactive in Integration Center

Please follow the steps in this KB article to solve this.

Hidden in Ticket Categories (Most commonly for specific alerts i.e Datto alert tickets)

  1. Open Autotask as an Admin
  2. Go to Admin-> Features & Settings
  3. Expand Service Desk (Tickets)
  4. Click on Ticket Categories
  5. Find Datto/AEM Alert
  6. Go to the Insights tab
  7. Check if any of the alerts have Rocketship under ‘Hidden Insights’ and set them to ‘Visible Insights’.

If you still encounter issues and are unable to see Rocketship, please contact us here.

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