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Performing Multiple Operations as a Dispatcher

When dispatching a ticket via Rocketship, you may need to do more than a single operation. That is, instead of just “dispatching to a tech,” you may need to dispatch the ticket, email the customer, set the ticket Waiting Customer, etc. To assist with that, Rocketship allows you to customize how it processes a dispatch.

Normally, this is how Rocketship will operate:

  1. Dispatcher clicks Dispatch
  2. Rocketship identifies the next best Resource and assigns them as Primary Resource
  3. Rocketship executes the Rocketship Workflow ‘Escalation Successful’
  4. Rocketship determines if the Escalation Rule Team has a linked Next Activity
  5. If so, Rocketship executes the Next Activity rule and then the Rocketship Workflow ‘Scheduling – Next Activity Created’

However, during dispatch, you can skip/bypass steps #4 and #5 entirely. This allows your dispatcher to “dispatch” the ticket but also perform other actions without actively scheduling the resource.

For example, if your dispatcher wanted to dispatch a ticket, send the customer an ticket note, and set the ticket to Waiting Customer without creating an unnecessary Next Activity, the would:

  1. View Rocketship/CMD in the Ticket Insight
  2. Click Dispatch
  3. Select “Yes” for Skip Next Activity Creation?
  4. Click Submit
  5. Create/Send Note & Set Waiting Customer Status
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