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Troubleshooting Escalation Rules: Common Reasons for Non-Matching Tickets

Escalation Rules map tickets in Autotask to escalation paths used by Rocketship to assign and (if configured) automatically schedule resources. At times, a ticket may not match an Escalation Rule. This KB describes how to troubleshoot when an Escalation Rule doesn’t match a ticket as expected.

There are 2 main reasons this can happen:

  • The Escalation Rule’s Ticket Criteria aren’t configured to match the ticket.
  • The Escalation Rule is disabled.

We’ll discuss each of those in turn.

How to Test Escalation Rules

You can test an Escalation Rule to see if it will match, without actually performing an Escalation, via the Predict button in Rocket/CMD. This will query the Escalation Engine to determine what it would have done if an actual Escalation had been invoked.

The Escalation Rule reports that it would match the Default rule, but that it can't find an available Resource for assignment and so would return an error.

Ticket Criteria Mismatch

This is probably the most common! Often, you may create an Escalation Rule that is too granular, e.g., you want it to match “Issue X, SubIssue B, Queue C” when in fact the ticket is “Issue X, SubIssue B, Queue D”. Notice that the actual Queue is D, but the Ticket Criteria in your Escalation Rule restricts matching to be all three, including “Queue C.”

In this case, you either need to add an additional Ticket Criteria to match the Issue, SubIssue , and Queue C and a second one with identical ticket values but with Queue D instead of Queue D, or you can remove the Queue restriction.

Escalation Rule is Disabled

There may be times when you disable an Escalation Rule during test and forget that you have it disabled. Disabled rules are never included in an Escalation evaluation.

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