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How to Test Ticket Criteria for Escalation Rules in Autotask

When creating Escalation Rules, you will define Ticket Criteria to match a ticket against an Escalation Rule.

How to test Ticket Criteria

The best way to test Ticket Criteria, i.e., to check which Escalation Rule will match a given Autotask Ticket, is to use the prediction capability in the Rocketship Ticket Insight inside Autotask. When you click Dispatch or Escalate, there is a prediction shown below the form. This will indicate what Rocketship predicts will be the final outcome.

What if my Ticket Criteria don’t match?

There are two common reasons your Ticket Criteria don’t match:

  • You are too specific in the Ticket Criteria
  • Your target Autotask Account doesn’t match the CRM Search

You are too specific in the Ticket Criteria

Let’s say you have a ticket that has the Ticket Category of ‘RMM Alerts’ and the issue ‘Alerts’. You create a Ticket Criteria that matches:

  • Ticket Category: RMM Alerts
  • Priority: High
  • Issue: Backup Alerts

The first two criteria will match, but note that the Issue will not match. Thus, this Ticket Criteria will not match.

Your CRM Search doesn’t match

Out-of-the-box, the Default escalation rule uses the Rocketship CRM Search ‘All Active Customer Companies.’ In addition, that is the default Rocketship CRM Search used when creating new Escalation Rules. If the Autotask Account that belongs to the ticket (e.g., Customer X) is not in that CRM Search, then the Escalation Rule will not match.

This is most common when you are testing a new rule and use an internal Account Account, e.g., My MSP Test Account, and that account is set to Account Type ‘Vendor’ in Autotask. If this is the case, you can either update My MSP Test Account in Autotask to be Account Type ‘Customer’ or you need to create a new CRM Search that includes the Autotask Accounts in question.

Rocketship CRM Searches are often used to segment customer groups, e.g., a Blue Customer group for the Blue support team, a Green Customer group for the Green support team, and so on. You can learn more about Rocketship CRM Searches in the Rocketship KB.

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