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Configuring Rocketship for SeaLevel

Rocketship can be reconfigured easily to support SeaLevel’s proprietary process. To reconfigure Rocketship you need to ensure you have the correct queue and status names in your Autotask Service Desk Ticket picklists option and, once verified, you can run the configuration process in Rocketship Admin.

SeaLevel Required Ticket and Service Call Options

SeaLevel requires that you have the following picklist options available for Tickets, Tasks, and Service Calls. This is done via Autotask->Admin->Features & Settings->Service Desk (Tickets).

QueuesTicket StatusesService Call Statuses
AcceptedScheduling RequiredTentative
Needs AttentionWorking Issue NowFirm
Pending AcceptanceScheduled Remote
SeaLevel Autotask Ticket and Service Call Options

Updating Rocketship to Use SeaLevel

To update Rocketship to use SeaLevel processes, use the Personalization option.

  1. Log into Rocketship Admin
  2. Click Account
  3. Click Personalization
  4. Click Run on Pax8 Academy / SeaLevel Operations
Updating Rocketship to Use SeaLevel
Updating Rocketship to Use SeaLevel

What if it fails?

Did you get an error back after clicking Run? That typically means you are missing one or more SeaLevel required Autotask settings per the section “SeaLevel Required Ticket and Service Call Options”. If you just created those, you may also need to force an early sync by Rocketship with Autotask. Refer below to “Updated Your Autotask Settings?”

Updated Your Autotask Settings?

If you are onboarding with Rocketship and are adding these “live” while configuring Rocketship, note that we only synchronize these settings every few hours by default. You can force a real-time refresh however so you can complete this process. You only need to force a real-time refresh of Picklist Values however, not the entire database.

Refreshing only Autotask picklists.
Refreshing only Autotask picklists
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