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Clearing the Autotask Ticket Primary Resource via Rocketship Workflows

This knowledge base article outlines the process of utilizing the newly enhanced workflow engine to clear the primary resource from an Autotask Ticket or Task. This enhancement offers users the ability to streamline resource management and optimize task assignments within the Autotask platform.


Follow these steps to clear the primary resource from an Autotask Ticket or Task using the updated workflow engine:

  1. Log into Rocketship Admin.
  2. Access Workflow Rule: Navigate to the Rocketship workflow rule that you wish to modify.
  3. Edit Workflow Rule: Modify the workflow rule to incorporate the primary resource clearing action.
  4. Primary Resource Clearing Step: Enable the flag “Clear Primary Resource” on the Ticket tab, Task tab, or both if needed.
  5. Click Save & Close


If you strip the Primary Resource from a ticket, Rocketship will reset its view of the ticket as being ready for Tier 1 in whichever Escalation Rule owns the ticket. This may not be desired behavior.

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