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QuickBooks Integration in Autotask

Quickbooks integration in Autotask is a valuable feature. While Autotask PSA allows you to generate invoices and financial reports, it does not have a system for tracking accounts receivable, accounts payable, or general ledger functions.

Billing items are considered pending revenue before they are approved and posted, and billed revenue as soon as they are posted. Exporting or invoicing an item has no impact from a revenue recognition point of view.

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Because of this limitation, a large number of Autotask PSA customers use an external accounting application, such as QuickBooks. Autotask PSA supports integrations with both QuickBooks Desktop and Online versions.

The QuickBooks Desktop Extension supports the following customer implementation scenarios:

  • Single QuickBooks company file (single user): A single accounting resource will transfer data to only one QuickBooks company file.
  • Single QuickBooks company file (multiple users): If you have multiple Autotask PSA users in your accounting department who will need permission to transfer data to the same QuickBooks file, an administrator must configure the integration in Autotask PSA and QuickBooks.
  • Multiple QuickBooks company files (single user): If you want to transfer data to more than one QuickBooks company file, there are crucial setup steps involved. It is vitally important that the first web connector you set up (which will be the default connector) is associated with the QuickBooks company file that contains the majority of your customers.
  • Multiple QuickBooks company files (multiple users): For this scenario, you will need to repeat the Single QuickBooks company file (multiple users) setup for each web connector / QuickBooks company file.

The integration of Autotask PSA and QuickBooks Online consists of three separate apps that were developed by Autotask PSA on the AppConnect platform hosted by Intuit:

  • Invoice Transfer app
  • Expense Transfer app
  • Purchase Order Transfer app

These apps are installed separately and function independently of each other. Learn more about billing in Autotask with our post on Using Autotask Line of Business to Segregate your Billing and Work.



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