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How to email via Autotask using 3rd party add-ons

Recently, I had a captivating discussion with one of our valued Rocketship clients, whom we’ll call Sue. This conversation led to a creative solution that’s worth sharing.

Sue approached us with a unique requirement. She was curious whether Rocketship could automatically email ticket contacts when a specific Rocketship Workflow is triggered. Her observation was that working with the Rocketship UI was faster than Autotask Ticket Notes in certain operations, such as updating ticket statuses and adding notes.

At Rocketship, our focus is predominantly on automating resource management. Directly emailing ticket contacts, aside from calendar invites, isn’t a primary feature. Implementing such a feature could potentially lead to concerns about spam and blacklisting, areas we prefer to avoid. However, I was determined to find a solution for Sue.

During a screenshare session, we discovered that triggering an email from Autotask through its API, or easily via an Autotask Workflow Rule (WFR), wasn’t feasible. But then, a lightbulb moment! Autotask can send emails containing the content from a User Defined Field (UDF). That was our solution!

Here’s how we implemented it:

  1. Creation of a Ticket UDF: We introduced a new Ticket UDF named “Note Text”.
  2. Workflow Rule Adjustment: Sue’s Rocketship Workflow, specifically the “Waiting Customer” rule, was modified to send the technician’s notes directly to the Ticket UDF.
  3. Email Template Design: We crafted a Ticket Notification Template that would include the “Note Text” UDF in outgoing emails.
  4. Autotask WFR Configuration: Finally, we tweaked Sue’s Autotask WFR. It was set to activate upon the status change to ‘Waiting Customer’, and to email the contents of the “Note Text” UDF to the ticket contacts.

This collaborative effort not only resolved Sue’s request but also exemplified the flexibility and adaptability of Rocketship in meeting our clients’ diverse needs. It’s through such challenges that we continue to innovate and refine our services, always keeping the client’s best interests at heart.

Stay tuned for more stories of how Rocketship is making a difference in the world of IT MSP companies.

Rocketship updating an Autotask Ticket UDF with a note.


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