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Autotask Workflow Rules | Implementing a Quality Control Process

The Autotask business process goal when an Account Manager closes a Ticket is to send it to Quality Control (QC) where it will be reviewed and approved for sending to Complete status. To create a workflow rule that accomplishes this goal and transfers it to Autotask, follow these guidelines.

Forms will be a key integral component of your workflow rules. Create the following ticket note form entitled Ticket Close in the Forms Template element of Autotask with the following settings:

Then in preparation to close a Ticket, this form will be added as a New Ticket Note using the Choose Template drop-down list:

To transfer this rule to Autotask, in the NEW WORKFLOW RULE window follow these steps:


1.         Add the Workflow Rule Name > (Example: “BP-001 S-001 Ticket Closing Process”)



2.         Set Edited by > Anyone


And the following conditions are met:

3.         Set Queue Name > Equal to > Account Management

4.         and

5.         Set Status > Changed to > Complete

6.         and

7.         Set Status > Changed from > Pending QC

8. Set up a notification associated with the No Reply at your company so that if someone replies to the Ticket, it will bounce.

9.         Save & Close

Check out our quick video reviewing how to create a rule to implement a quality control process:

Remember that workflow rules aren’t just for helpdesk, they can be used for all departments – including account management, sales, accounting, project management, etc.

Before implementing a quality control process, you’ll want to check out our posts on auto-assigning tickets,  defining a business process, and Autotask workflow rules best practices.

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