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3 MSP Communities Any MSP Should Join

Running an MSP business is challenging- why go it alone when you don’t have to? Need to ask a nerdy question, want to discuss growth opportunities, or just talk shop with other MSPs – check out and join an MSP community where you will hear from other MSP owners themselves and gain useful industry insights, tips, and recommendations.

This post shines a spotlight on 3 online MSP community resources that are free, open to the community, with clear indications that their creators and contributors genuinely care about giving back to the IT industry.

IT Pool Party

IT Pool Party is a slack community of MSP owners that share ideas, services, and much more with other MSPs around the world. What began with a couple of MSPs sitting around the pool (hence the name!) in 2016 has grown to over 1100 managed services providers globally. Whether you’re seeking guidance with your own business or just want to take a dip with other MSPs, this is a community that is challenging the industry!


MSPGeek is a community of 18000+ members built by service providers, office administrators, and technicians working to stay ahead of the rapidly changing technical landscape – and how it relates to operating an MSP. Whether you are looking for a quick answer or just want to avoid recreating the wheel, this group works together to help MSPs collaborate on common challenges, issues, and ideas!


MSPs Я Us is an active Discord community of MSPs discussing everything from products and troubleshooting to security, business operations, and vendors. It’s the place to go for sanity checks, second opinions, and random conversations with smart MSPs who’ve seen it all and have still managed to keep their sense of humor!

Still wondering why you should join an MSP community? MSP communities provide support and the opportunity to grow and become successful. In today’s world, being a member of an MSP community is no longer considered an option but more of a necessity!


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