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5 Remote Work Challenges for MSPs

With more and more businesses allowing fully remote or flexible remote work, managed services providers (MSPs) are faced with many obstacles as they work to best support their customers. Providing remote access to company resources and data in a way that maintains the “on-site” user experience is critical to the continuity of any business – but doing so securely can be a daunting task for MSPs.

Here are 5 challenges that MSPs need to be mindful of when supporting their clients with remote workers:

  1. Digital Distraction
    With the absence of a physical workplace, electronic communication in the form of emails, video calls and meetings has skyrocketed. The ease of working from home also means employees are more likely to be plugged in after normal business hours. Over 50% of IT leaders say that unplugging after work is the biggest area where their users struggle in addition to staying engaged while working remotely.
  2. IT Teams Overwhelmed by the New Normal
    The majority of tech teams have seen support requests increase dramatically as a result of remote work, with VPN, video conferencing, and password reset issues being the leading cause of outreach.
  3. Tight Security Budgets
    Despite being a top business priority for IT leaders, a majority of businesses invest less than 2% of revenue on cybersecurity.  And even with most of their workforce working remotely, more than half of businesses today are spending less than $1,000 on cybersecurity per employee.
  4. Cyber Experts in Short Supply
    The lack of in-house cybersecurity skills is a major issue, especially for smaller organizations, with many understaffed for cybersecurity needs. When the average IT team member only stays for three years or less, you need your team to be able to ramp up quickly to effectively manage security.
  5. Disconnected Point Solutions
    The average midsize business uses multiple tools for vulnerability management, and a large majority of IT leaders admit that it takes more than 48 hours to close a vulnerability. Multiple point solutions without any integrations do not share context and analytics to identify indicators of compromise. Each security product requires its own management, training, support, and operations process, which are handled by separate teams. Worse still, many IT leaders suggest they rarely or never have time to look at security logs.

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