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What are Autotask Contracts

Autotask contracts are optional billing arrangements that provide flexibility in setting labor rates, billing methods, and managing prepayments for services.

You can use Autotask contracts to bill in the following scenarios:

  • a fixed monthly charge based on the number of customer contacts or assets you support
  • for the time you spend fixing an issue
  • when reaching an objective like closing a ticket or reaching a project milestone
  • with predefined services and service bundles you have set up

The Autotask platform includes six contract types that offer different ways to generate revenue:

Autotask Contracts
  1. Block Hours:
    A block hour contract is set up when clients prepay for a block of hours (usually at a preferred rate) and then the prepaid hours are reduced as billable work is performed.
  2. Fixed Price:
    With a fixed price contract, your company agrees to complete a set of tasks for one fixed price, regardless of the internal labor and materials costs incurred.
  3. Per Ticket:
    A per ticket contract allows a customer to prepay for a set of tickets. Each ticket is deducted from the purchased balance when it is marked complete.
  4. Recurring Service:
    With a recurring service contract, the Autotask Administrator can create services based on providing hardware or software over a specific time period at a set price.
  5. Retainer:
    A retainer contract allows a customer to prepay for services. But, unlike block hours, retainers track pre-payments for future services and charges in terms of currency amounts instead of blocks of time.
  6. Time and Materials:
    A time and materials contract allows you to change billing rates for a specific customer without changing your overall billing rates. This can be either across the board or for specific projects or tickets.

Be sure to read this overview of what you can do using Autotask contracts.



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