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Train the Techs | 3 Methods for MSP Success

In order to achieve a successful managed services provider (MSP) business, it’s often more about your tech team than the technology. In order to successfully deliver quality technological services to your customers, your team needs to be fully up to speed with the latest and greatest technologies as well as have the necessary skills to execute them. It pays off to train the techs!

Training is one important way to accomplish this and should be introduced when an employee is first brought on board and continue throughout their tenure with you. By providing training for your techs, not only will an MSP ensure that their team delivers excellence in service, but is also keeping pace with the competition.

Let’s look at 3 methods of incorporating training for your tech team:

  1. Onboarding: This is the process of making sure that new hires are informed of all company policies and procedures, as well as that they are fully proficient in all the skills needed to perform their daily roles. Microsoft Teams has an Onboard Employees Template to create a centralized team platform with associated channels and apps to help implement successful onboarding.
  2. Continuing Education: MSPs should also consider how they train employees throughout their months or years with them. Develop a company portal learning center that includes courses for the team to take with follow-up exams and certificates to mark their achievements.
  3. Lunch-n-Learn Sessions: For a more casual approach to learning, incorporating these sessions weekly or monthly is a great way to keep the team in the know and encourage participation.  Rotate each team member asking them to prepare and present on topics such as new technologies or updates to current products.

While investing in technology is essential for every MSP business, investing in training its tech team is vital to ensure that they are happy and engaged, as well as skilled enough to keep customers happy. Our post on BYO Information Technology Trends will help you stay ahead of the curve!



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