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Templates and Speed Codes in Autotask

You can use templates and speed codes in Autotask PSA and LiveMobile to quickly populate fields for a number of entities including ticket and recurring ticket, task, ticket or task time entry and note, project note, service call, quick call, opportunity, and quote.


Templates automatically populate multiple fields in Autotask forms. A template can also be configured to trigger notification emails to specified recipients. After loading a template, you can edit any automatically populated field. To make templates even faster, use speed codes (up to 10 letters, numbers, and symbols).

Enter speed code or template in Autotask screen image

Speed Codes

Speed codes in Autotask PSA can be used to quickly populate fields for the following entities:

  • ticket and recurring ticket
  • task
  • ticket or task time entry and note
  • project note
  • service call
  • quick call
  • opportunity
  • quote

Templates you create can be available only to yourself (personal) or, depending on your security level permissions, made available for your department or the entire company.

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