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Rocketship for Autotask v1.0.9 Release

We were tired of clicking back and forth between Autotask and Rocketship while working, so decided to add Autotask Ticket Insights and a Dashboard Widget in our v1.0.9 release. Rocketship can now be fully embedded in Autotask tickets and dashboards.

Autotask Ticket Insights

With Autotask Ticket Insights, users can access all the power of Rocketship’s dispatch and scheduling automation from directly within Autotask tickets and dashboards. Easily dispatch, schedule, and escalate tickets without ever having to open a new screen. 


Dashbaord Widget

With the dashboard widget, you can add Rocketship’s engineer Workboard as an Autotask dashboard to seamlessly view and work appointments and work events without ever leaving Autotask. 

Schedule a demo today to learn how Rocketship for Autotask can automate your calendars, escalations and ticket assignments, allowing you to focus on what really matters – helping your clients, not micromanaging tickets.


In this webinar, Dustin Puryear, Autotask expert and MSP industry veteran, will show you how to set up Kanban boards in Autotask, integrate them with your workflow rules, and how to get the most out of them.

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