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Customer Relationship Management in Autotask

Autotask’s approach to CRM is unique in that it represents your ongoing relationship with a business entity or organization rather than individuals. All information tracked in Autotask relates to a company in the form of a customer, prospect, partner or vendor. Each company can have multiple activities, contacts, projects, sales opportunities, tickets, etc. associated with it.

Autotask CRM diagram

The 7 account types pre-defined in Autotask describe your company’s relationship with another company:

Customer: A company to which you are selling products or services.

Lead: A company type used to indicate a potential customer.

Prospect: A company type used to indicate a likely customer.

Dead: A lead that never became a customer.

Cancelation: An Autotask PSA company type denoting a former customer.

Vendor: A company type whose primary business relationship with your company is to provide goods and services.

Partner: An Autotask PSA company type assigned to companies like VARs, outsourcing partners, etc.

In the event your customers are not all independent companies, Autotask also provides options to manage multiple locations and parent/subsidiary relationships.



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