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3 Ways for an MSP to Address Data Management Challenges

According to a recent survey of IT leaders, data management is a top priority for today’s enterprises. But as enterprises seek to become more data-driven and accelerate transformation, they encounter numerous data management challenges as depicted in the following graph:

data management challenges graph

The above data management challenges often result in wasted IT time, higher costs, and greater risks. The consequences of not addressing these challenges are an increase in IT staff­ time spent on routine tasks rather than supporting strategic business initiatives, lower customer satisfaction with the inability to meet SLAs and instances of unplanned downtime.

Here are 3 ways to combat the challenges of data management:

  1. Simplify and automate to reduce complexity by leveraging AI-driven intelligence for a workload-optimized approach.
  2. Extend the cloud experience on-premise and allow data to be moved and accessed at scale.
  3. Unify data operations and eliminate silos with the combination of data-centric policies, cloud-native operations, and AI-driven insights.

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