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What is Autotask Service Desk

A service desk utilizes the underlying concept of “managing IT as a service” with the focus on performing services to customers and end users.

The service desk in Autotask serves as the interface between your IT team and customers. The Autotask platform automates service delivery and helps you manage everything in one place from the time an event or service request generates through its resolution, billing and analysis.

There are many events that can occur to generate a ticket for service desk technicians:

  • an alert from an RMM platform
  • a client entering a ticket through your client access portal
  • an incoming email
  • a telephone call

A ticket in Autotask tracks support issues, service requests, incidents, and problems for internal and external customers.

The Autotask Service Desk streamlines and automates the ticket creation process. You can easily automate workflow steps within Autotask to assign tickets, send notifications, track activities against your service level agreements as well as survey clients.

In addition, Autotask provides a service desk dashboard that displays metrics for all active tickets.

Autotask Service Desk Summary

Service calls are also a feature of the Service Desk module in Autotask. Service calls are instances of time, with specified start and stop times, that are scheduled to perform work for a customer. Tasks and/or tickets are often in association with a service call. In addition, service calls assignments can involve one or more resources.

Be sure to read up on the importance of Service Desk modernization in today’s IT industry.



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