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Taking a Pulse on Cybersecurity | 5 Facts MSPs Need to Know

The past two years have seen a rapid shift of the workforce to remote and hybrid offices. Statistics show that cybercriminals embraced this shift and took advantage of the vulnerabilities and gaps in security discovered in this business environment. As remote workers accessed, generated, and shared more data through cloud applications and activities, the number of security blind spots and incidents increased as well. The statistics show that cybersecurity is more important than ever!

Here are some alarming cybersecurity statistics:

  • it can take up to half a year to detect a data breach
  • over 40% of all cyber attacks are aimed at small businesses
  • a phishing email launches 91% of attacks
  • a business falls victim to a ransomware attack every 14 seconds
  • 38% of malicious attachments are masked as a Microsoft Office file type

While many large businesses suffered breaches, a lot more small and medium-sized businesses were an easier target for cybercrimes because of their lack of resources and security expertise.

Not only does a cyberattack disrupt normal business operations, but it can cause damage to important IT assets and infrastructure that can be difficult to recover from without the budget or resources to do so. 

On average, almost half of small businesses that have faced a severe cyberattack experienced at least eight hours of downtime. 

The main objective of a managed services provider in regard to cybersecurity is to stay ahead of potential threats, identify vulnerabilities and secure your customers’ business environment.

Cyber perils will continue to be a major concern for companies in 2022. Unfortunately, the threat of data breaches, major IT outages, or ransomware attacks is never idle  ̶  so MSPs shouldn’t be either. Once you have your cybersecurity plan in place you can address other questions, like Should Your MSP Answer the Phone?


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