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Survey Says! 6 Customer Survey Integrations with Autotask for MSPs

Do you know your CSAT score? Customer survey integrations with Autotask can help you find out!  Every MSP knows the importance of customer satisfaction in not only striving for excellence in their services but also by utilizing the proper tools to monitor it.

Here are 6 popular customer survey platforms that integrate with Autotask:

  1. Autotask Service Thermometer – With only 2 mouse clicks, this Autotask PSA feature provides your customers with feedback options to indicate how satisfied they are with your service. It uses three color-coded emoticons representing bad, okay, and good displayed on ticket notification emails.
  2. Client Heartbeat – This customer satisfaction survey tool synchronizes with your existing Autotask accounts by importing them into Client Heartbeat to make surveying your active customers easy. The tool does this by sending emails on your behalf, collecting customer feedback, and then publishing it into an intuitive, simple dashboard so you can quickly see your customers’ satisfaction levels.
  3. Crewhu – Use this 1-click survey tool to gather feedback and increase response rates in Autotask when a ticket is replied to and when a ticket is closed. Its Autotask integration will automatically collect survey data by company, teams, customers and employees as well as automatically notify the right people to improve response time. 
  4. Customer Thermometer – This flexible customer satisfaction rating system integration allows you to include a range of satisfaction rating buttons – from traffic lights to smileys and emoticons – at the bottom of your Autotask emails and tickets. When customers click to rate your support or service, their feedback is instantly registered and displayed in real-time on your CT dashboard.
  5. Simplesat – This is a fun and engaging customer survey platform that provides Autotask users with the feedback they need to retain clients and the social proof to attract more. You can enable rich integrations, such as updating a service ticket after your customer provides a rating, automating recurring email surveys, as well as sending happy clients directly to Google or Facebook to get more 5-star reviews!
  6. SmileBack – This is the only customer feedback platform specifically designed for MSPs and focused exclusively on customer satisfaction. You can get instant reviews and critical customer comments by triggering 1-click surveys at the close of every ticket and scheduling recurring surveys to better recognize customer loyalty.

So check out these Autotask-integrated customer satisfaction platforms to see how beneficial they can be in getting your customers to participate in and enjoy the process of providing valuable feedback. Giant Rocketship’s rocketTask and Flight Deck seamlessly integrates with Autotask to automate your service catalog, calendar management, and workflows. Schedule a demo today to take the first step towards transforming your Help Desk.



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