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How to enable Autotask Work Type selection in Time Entries

Not all Autotask shops use Work Types, although I’m personally a big fan. They can be shown/hidden via the Ticket Category editor and users are allowed to use them via the Autotask Security Class to which they are assigned.

Specific to Ticket Categories, these are how Autotask lets admins fine-tune the appearance, and overall workflow, of categories of tickets. This makes sense if you think of the major difference, and billing types, used for, say, Alerts in an MSP vs an onsite new PC install.

To enable/disable Work Types in a Ticket Category, you should:

  1. Login as an Autotask Admin
  2. Go to Admin->Features & Settings->Service Desk (Tickets)
  3. Click Ticket Categories
  4. Find the Ticket Category relevant to the tickets being worked
  5. Hover and click Edit
  6. In Details, ensure that Work Type is an available field and not under “hidden”
  7. Click Save & Close
Screenshot of the Work Type setting in an Autotask Ticket Category.
An example of a Work Type that is also set as Required when coding the Ticket


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