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How to automatically close Autotask Service Calls.. or close them in bulk

A lot of users have experimented with Service Calls in Autotask. Service Calls are The Way in Autotask to define the order of work to be performed by techs, whether that’s by priority, age, etc, of a ticket.

Unfortunately, at times, Autotask users may leave service calls open. Over time, this can add up. I recently saw one Rocketship prospect that had almost 20,000 open service calls that were created over several years.

First, be aware that a simple solution to preventing this going forward is to enable the “Automatically complete service calls when completing the last non-complete task or ticket associated with the service call” feature under Service Desk in Admin->System Settings in Autotask. When enabled, Autotask will close open service calls if a ticket is set to Complete. This is a failsafe to protect you if you have a bad workflow with your team of managing service calls.

There is no way to bulk close service calls in Autotask directly. However, Rocketship includes a support tool to bulk close service calls. The tool will queue up the work and slowly chip away at the service calls until they are closed. They date range of the “bulk close” can be defined as needed. Feel free to read up on Rocketship’s Service Call Cleaner.

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