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Getting Help in Autotask

Autotask provides several ways to get help while using its platform:

Context-sensitive help. When you select the question mark on the title bar of any page in Autotask this will automatically direct you to a help window on how to use the features on that particular page.

Topic specific help.  To get help on a specific term or phrase, use the What can we help you find? field at the top of the help window. (Use quotation marks around a phrase to fine-tune search results).

Definition help. To find what a term means in Autotask, either search for it in the search field or go to the left navigation menu in help and select Getting started > Glossary. The Glossary provides an alphabetical directory of terms and definitions.

Interactive help. Autotask offers a SHOW ME banner (when logged in with access privilege) that provides an interactive walk-through and user guidance for select features.

You can also launch interactive help content to which you have access by clicking the Show me how… icon in the lower-left corner of the active page within Autotask. The Show me how… menu offers information on upcoming events, articles and videos, provides a Search field as well as how to contact Support.



In this webinar, Dustin Puryear, Autotask expert and MSP industry veteran, will show you how to set up Kanban boards in Autotask, integrate them with your workflow rules, and how to get the most out of them.

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