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Creating Autotask UDF Fields

Autotask User Defined Fields (UDF) are used to house proprietary data that you have for companies, projects, etc.. This data can be used as an FYI or, in the case of Autotask WFRs and Rocketship CRM Searches, used to control business logic.

Let’s create an Autotask UDF for your Autotask Companies called “Is VIP Customer” that is either Yes or No.

  1. Login as an Autotask admin.
  2. Go to Admin->User-Defined Fields
  3. Click on Accounts
  4. Click New
  5. Click New
  6. Set these fields:
    1. Name: Is VIP Customer
    2. Field Type: List (Single Select)
  7. Under List Options, click new
  8. Create these two Options:
    1. Display Value/Stored Value: Yes (click Ok)
    2. Display Value/Stored Value: No (click Ok)
  9. Click Save & Close

Now, go find your VIP customers in Autotask CRM and then set the new UDF field “Is VIP Customer” to “Yes”.

Creating the Company UDF


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