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Autotask key features for supervisors and managers

If you are a supervisor, manager, or team lead you need to have access to everything anyone on your team has access to and you need to be able to assimilate all that information. Here are a few Autotask key features in the Getting Started category to explore that will help guide you in this process:

Viewing in/out status for remote resources

Wondering if a team member is in or out of the office when working remotely? The In/Out Status Board lets you see the current status of all your team members and provides a complete in/out history for each resource.

Managing submitted timesheets

If you’re a timesheet approver, you’ll need to know how to approve or reject timesheets submitted to you.

Managing submitted expense reports

If you’re an expense report approver, you’ll need to know how to approve or reject expense reports submitted to you.

Knowledgebase and Documentation Management

Use the Autotask PSA Knowledgebase to build your own, company-specific knowledgebase by collecting and organizing your company’s knowledge and distributing it to your resources. Also if you’re using the Client Portal, you can share articles in your Autotask PSA Knowledgebase with your Client Portal customers.

Daily alerts

When the daily alerts feature is enabled, your database is checked once every 24 hours to assess routine activities. When it appears that one or more of these activities have been idle for too long, or if a status indicates a potential problem, an alert is created.

Using these key features in Autotask will help supervisors and managers effectively manage their teams. Become an Autotask expert with our posts on Getting the Most out of Autotask Roles & Work Types and Autotask Resources.

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