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Associating Configuration Items/Assets to an Autotask Project

Tickets in the Autotask Service Desk module allow you to tag/assign Configuration Items (we’ll say Config Items) to the Ticket. This works great for billing, accountability, and root cause analysis. Autotask Projects on the other hand do NOT allow you to link Config Items. At least not directly..

You can indirectly link them via a Related Ticket. The trick here is to standardize the process. We’ll do that by:

  1. Creating a Ticket Template
  2. Creating a Ticket via the Project

Create the Ticket Template: Project Config Item Relationships

  1. Log in as an Autotask Admin
  2. Go to (A)->Admin->Form Templates
  3. Click New->Ticket
  4. Set these fields:
    1. Form Template Name: Project Config Items Ticket
    2. Speed Code: <choose one>
    3. Available To: <choose the project dept or all staff>
    4. Ticket Type: Service Request
    5. Ticket Title: Project Config Items Ticket
    6. Description: This ticket is used to link Config Items to a Project.
    7. … and set any other fields you want
  5. Click Save&Close

Creating a Ticket via the Project

  1. Go to your Autotask Project
  2. Click Related Tickets
  3. Click New->Ticket
  4. Choose the Ticket Template you created above
  5. Save the Ticket

You now have an easily identifiable, searchable ticket name that you can use for associating Config Items. Since a Ticket can link to more than one Config Item, you can use a single ticket per Autotask Project for this process.

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