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6 Key Factors MSPs Should Look for in a Documentation Solution

At its most fundamental core, a documentation solution is simply an organized platform of all the information an IT team needs to perform operations effectively. Strong documentation should include everything from details about your customers to step-by-step guides for specific operations which can be used for onboarding or simply to help technicians run more efficiently.

Here are 6 key factors an MSP should look for in an effective documentation solution:

  1. Structure is key in transforming data into information that provides value. A structured documentation solution provides a strong relationship between assets, a high degree of consistency and standardization, as well as efficient search functionality.
  2. Relativity is key in providing all the information you need right at your fingertips. The right documentation solution will allow the linking of related documents which ultimately reduces the time it takes to find information as well as ensures that all relative information is in one place.
  3. Integrations are key in the unification process of documents across core tools such as PSA and RMM. A trendy tech documentation solution that recognizes automation is a necessity in any business and translates into productivity and profitability.
  4. Security is key at any level in an organization when protecting confidential documents and critical information. Be sure to look for SOC2 compliance, SSO and MFA, audit trail and revision history as well as the flexibility of permission settings in any documentation solution platform.
  5. Efficiency is key in the design of the best documentation solution interfaces by facilitating collaboration with process flow enhancement features such as checklists, how-to guides and SOPs that offer an extra boost of accuracy and productivity, not just for your techs but your entire team.

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