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5 Reasons to Let an MSP Control Vendor Management

Most businesses expect tech support, infrastructure monitoring, and maintenance services with an MSP. But did you know vendor management is another service you can entrust to these IT experts?

Managing vendors can be challenging. Your business likely has antivirus solutions, broadband internet, disaster recovery, off-site backup vendors, as well as partners providing email security, hardware maintenance, telecommunications, and internet hosting. Consequently, in today’s hybrid workplace, different offices or departments may possibly even contract with separate vendors for these services.

Vendor management centralizes the oversight of different vendors. But if each department contracts vendors on its own, your business can’t take advantage of economies of scale and may therefore suffer from inconsistencies and inefficiencies in operations.

Vendor Management

Here are 5 reasons to seek out an MSP for expert analysis and oversight of vendors:

  1. contract transactions
  2. data integration
  3. compliance regulations
  4. more competitive bids
  5. sourcing and payment

An MSP can provide added value by streamlining your vendor management. A technology/vendor-neutral MSP can look for the best solutions to align to your business objectives – that’s where they add the most value to you as a customer.

An MSP will most likely use vendor management software (VMS) to track and measure performance thereby providing more informed decision-making. Other key benefits of VMS is it can automate processes involving payments, requisitions, and reporting.

In addition, there usually is a faster resolution to supply chain issues and the negotiation of better rates if the vendor deals with an MSP’s informed tech professional.

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